Request for Proposal – When Should I Use It?

When procuring your insurance, you may need more than just insurance. You may have a particular set of problems that you would like to have addressed. You might be looking for training and development for your people. The list goes on and on and on. And one of the ways buyers go about fixing this is they do what’s called a request for proposal.

What are the Ground Rules?

In a request for a proposal, you create the framework or the ground rules on which the agencies will compete. You need to line item out every aspect of the insurance and risk management program you want them to contemplate. Now, suppose you’re a risk manager, and you’re responsible for making your organizations’ buying decisions, by all means. In that case, a request for proposal could probably lead you to a broker selection process in all actuality, but you have to be savvy, and you have to have the framework in place, and you have to know what it is that you want and what it is that you need.

Who uses Request for Proposal?

And I’m going to be blunt with you. Typically, requests for proposals are not for companies that need heavy lifting and risk management help. Typically, they already have very established risk management functions, dedicated resources in that risk management function, and know what they need. And they’re not coming to have you do everything for them, but rather to supplement your expertise and resources with their stuff. So request for proposal is one way you can go about this. Still, honestly, it’s something for those that already have an excellent handle on their risk management plan because simply creating the specs for that request requires a lot of knowledge.


How Can I Build a Request for Proposal?

We can help you build a request for proposal if that’s something with which you need assistance. In this post, if you click down here, you can download a tool that I created that explains how you can create a request for an insurance proposal. And I think that you’ll probably find it pretty darn valuable. If you have questions, if you want to pick my brain a little bit, I’m not the guy that’s always going to try and sell you something. I’m happy to educate you. And if you find alignment and values with my firm, then I’m delighted to represent you. But that’s not the expectation. I’m happy to educate, answer questions, and be here as a resource. But if you need help with a request for a proposal, I urge you to take the step to download the tool that we have below because I think it’ll make a massive difference for you. And it’ll keep you on the right track, especially if it’s your first time.


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