How You Can Cut Costs in Your Workers’ Compensation Program

On-Demand Webinar

While most people believe that the pricing of workers’ compensation “is what it is” because the State of Florida sets the rates, that couldn’t be further from the truth.


Join David Carothers, Founder of Florida Risk Partners and expert workers compensation professional, for this on-demand webinar, recorded 4/21/2020, to learn about the ways you can find cost-savings for your business apart from a lower worker compensation rate.


This is not a sales presentation. The goal of this webinar is to equip and empower you to find money you would not have found otherwise. The discussion starts at the 2 minute mark. You should jump ahead after  the video loads.

In addition, for those who attend, Florida Risk Partners will give you the opportunity to receive a complimentary experience modification factor analysis.  This is typically valued at between $2,500 and $3,000.  No hooks, no strings attached.  It’s our way of helping businesses in these turbulent times. Click Here if you want to learn more about Experience Mod Factors and how they can impact your workers comp rates.

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