Florida Risk Partners Launches HR Partnership and Total Cost of Risk Reduction Solutions for Florida Businesses

Tampa Bay Area insurance and risk management firm offers new, free resources for companies to streamline HR operations, employee education, and cost containment.




Tampa, FL, Oct.1, 2020 — Florida Risk Partners, a Tampa Bay area-based insurance and risk management firm has announced a major partnership to provide critical risk management, human resources & employee communication support at no cost for their clients.

“Many employers don’t receive the HR support they need from their current risk management and insurance providers.  With the outbreak of COVID-19, we have seen a significant uptick in claims activity and litigation surrounding both HR and Risk Management issues” said David R. Carothers, Principal of the agency since 2016. “We have crafted a solution that will allow our middle market and small business clients to have the exact same tools as much larger corporations in a seamless user interface with unparalleled live support options.”

By partnering with ThinkHR, a robust technology platform to help businesses manage risk before, during, and after they are exposed, Florida Risk Partners can better address HR & Risk Management issues through a robust client experience.   This level of management includes compliance tools, on-demand insights, a living handbook, live certified HR resources, and a new COVID-19 Resource Center to offer valuable guidance in a new workplace.

In addition to much-needed HR expertise, this partnership delivers cost-saving solutions and access to expertise that can impact the bottom line for small to mid-size businesses. The State of Florida is battling the growing crisis of the cost of insurance and business leaders can take charge by finding the right partner.

“This is what we do,” says Kyle Houck, a risk management advisor and co-host of The Power Producers Podcast with Carothers. “We saw a serious knowledge gap in the market when it comes to CEOs and CFOs understanding their power to lower their total cost of risk without sacrificing quality. With the right strategy, payroll structure, and employee engagement, companies can get a better handle on their total cost of risk and improve the quality of resources for their biggest asset – people.”

David R. Carothers shares, “Many companies – especially those with under 100 employees – rely on their benefits agency or look to PEOs for this support. This is a significant cost-driver when you look at the total cost of risk beyond insurance rates.  Employers are forced to pay a premium well above the price of their insurance often times up to 3% of their total payroll and beyond, just to get this added HR support, which we provide now at no cost.”

Florida Risk Partners clients often see their total cost of risk reduced by up to 30% because the firm can deliver large company solutions down market. This new partnership helps employers who have engaged PEOs for the HR support see a dramatic reduction in the administration of their HR and Risk Management programs by a significant amount.  In addition, our solution gives employers access to markets they would not have otherwise seen for their insurance needs.

Carothers explains, “We firmly believe in our mission of saving clients money through education and administration of an area that is often overlooked in the middle market and especially in small businesses.  Many companies have never been advised of their Total Cost of Risk calculation let alone have a full understanding of its impact on their organization. With the addition of ThinkHR, coupled with Florida Risk Partners’ expertise, we are giving our clients a tremendous competitive edge for expansion.

Florida Risk Partners continues to offer additional automation for its clients, including a mobile application available to all clients, a learning management system for the employees of all clients, and 24/7 nurse triage for workers’ compensation claims.  In addition, they offer all modes of communication including text so that they are able to meet their clients with information where the client wants to be met.  Through the use of cutting-edge software and other technology, Florida Risk Partners provides its clients with a best in class client experience not available from their competitors.

Learn more about Florida Risk Partners at www.floridariskpartners.com or contact their team at 888-601-6660.

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