Fitness Club Insurance

Gym & Fitness Marketers looking for a zero-maintenance affiliate income:

Florida Risk Partners, an independent insurance broker located in Tampa Florida, is looking to partner with fitness marketing agencies nationwide for a unique partnership opportunity.


The goal? To protect gyms, yoga studios, martial arts studios, and any other type of gym or fitness center, with our proprietary fitness insurance product (called Florida Fitness Club Insurance), while helping you generate a maintenance-free affiliate revenue.


The catch? There isn't one. We're open and honest about our objective — it's to sell more insurance to businesses who we like doing business with with the help of folks like you who already have an existing client base that matches our products' demographic.


We're setting up this partnership to reward people who may already be servicing these industries, for their referrals and joint-venture marketing initiatives.


David Carothers
Managing Principal, Florida Risk Partners


For program details, schedule a call directly with David below:

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